Adavale Shire was the forerunner of Quilpie Shire. It was named after the town of Adavale in south-west Queensland, 170 km west of Charleville.

The Adavale township was situated in pastoral country mostly comprised of large grazing properties. The shire offices were described as a commodious building in the Australian handbook (1903) and there were four hotels, a courthouse, four tradespeople's premises and a twice-weekly coach service from Charleville.

In 1917 the rail line was extended from Charleville to Quilpie, making that town a railhead for regional livestock movements. Adavale township subsequently declined, and in 1930 the shire's administrative centre was moved to Quilpie and the name changed accordingly.

Adavale Shire's census populations were:

Census DatePopulation

Later figures are found under the entry for Quilpie.

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