Beachmere, a township at the mouth of the Caboolture River where it enters Deception Bay, is 38 km north of Brisbane. Positioned on a small peninsula formed by the river and the bay, Beachmere was somewhat inaccessible, and was mainly a fishing community. When settled by Europeans, Beachmere's access road could be impassable during flood time. During 1893-1967 much of the Beachmere district's land was owned by the Baker family. It is thought that the area's name, given by a European settler, arose from a strip of sandy beach set among marshy countryside.

More recently, Beachmere has become a commuter township, with a State primary school (1986), two shopping areas, a public hall, a caravan park and a sailing club.

Several mass fish kills occurred in the tidal coastal lake in 2009 blamed on run-off from a near-by construction site and low water levels.

Its census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation