Middle Park, a residential suburb, is 14 km south-west of central Brisbane. It is reached by the Centenary Highway (1964) but postdates the 'Centenary suburbs' of Jindalee and Jamboree Heights and predates others in the area. Hence the developer's name 'Middle Park'.

Middle Park was developed in conjunction with Westlake and Riverhills, coming a few years after them in the late 1970s. The State primary school was opened in 1987, three years after the Good News Lutheran primary school on the suburb's border with Jamboree Heights. There are also Anglican, Baptists and Uniting churches.

Park Village shopping centre, River Hills Road, provides for local shopping needs.


In January 2011 flood waters from the Brisbane River behaved nearly precisely as predicted by Middle Park’s open spaces: McLeod Country golf course was covered, along with its adjoining parks, but the schools were a shade too low to escape the water.

Middle Park's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation