Gaven, a rural/residential suburb on the Gold Coast, is immediately north of Nerang and west of the Pacific Highway. Until 2004 it included Pacific Pines, now a separate suburb.

Gaven was defined as a future residential area in 1979 by the Albert Shire Council, and named after a well-known local family. Eric Gaven was a local shire councillor (1935-66) and State parliamentarian for Southport (1950-60).  In 1990 Stockland acquired 800 ha of land in the west of Gaven, the site including a pine plantation with views to Stradbroke Island and Coolangatta. It was planned as a 5800 lot estate with a potential population of 15,000 people. Named Pacific Pines, about half the allotments were sold during 1993-2003. Demand for house lots improved with the upgrading of the Pacific Motorway in 2000, and alternative access to Brisbane from the Helensvale railway station put Gaven in a favourable commuting situation.

Within a few years State primary and high schools were opened (2002, 2000), along with the Jubilee private primary school (2001). A short way north in Oxenford there is the Gaven primary school (1995), along with a Gaven Heights shopping centre.

The 5 km V1 bikeway, connecting Gaven on the Gold Coast with the Logan River, at Beenleigh was completed in 2003.

In 2004 most of Gaven was renamed Pacific Pines. Gaven was retained as the name of the rural/residential parts that existed before Pacific Pines was subdivided.

The census population of Gaven have been:

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