Allenstown, a residential suburb of Rockhampton, is two kilometres south of the city centre. Its main street is Lower Dawson Road and Upper Dawson Road (Bruce Highway) is a continuation of the centre's George Street.

Allenstown was named after William Allen who established a shop in partnership, Acheson and Allen, in 1862. Two years later he subdivided land along Dawson Road, the route to Dawson Valley and Peak Downs. A busy thoroughfare, it attracted a store and a hotel, the beginning of Rockhampton's first suburb and out-of-town shopping area. The Rockhampton railway station and railway workshops were on Allenstown's eastern boundary.

Allenstown primary school was opened in 1877, and by 1904 had an average attendance of nearly 250. The suburb was well served by the steam tram service (1909-39) along Upper Dawson Street to King Street and along Davis Street to the adjoining suburb, the Range.

During the interwar years the business centre grew and a progress association was active. There was also a local cinema, the Embassy. The retail area was enlarged in 1945 and again in the 1970s with Allenstown Plaza, which includes a discount department store and a supermarket.

William Allen was a devout member of the Primitive Methodist Church and organised the church's first temporary preaching place in Allenstown. In 1952 a permanent building was opened in Upper Dawson Road. There are also a Congregational church and St Josephs Catholic cathedral along the road, together with the cathedral co-educational 8-12 college. It was opened in 1991. Allenstown also has a recreation ground, Saleyards Park near the railway station, the old cemetery and numerous motels along the Bruce Highway.


The eastern part of Allenstown was flooded in early January 2011, with water covering Saleyards and Kettle Parks and crossing the Bruce Highway to Stanley and Talford Streets. The Bruce Highway was also flooded further south.

Allenstown's census populations have been:

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