Alligator Creek is a rural/residential district generally 20 km south-east of central Townsville. 

At Cleveland Bay, the Queensland Meat Export Company established a meatworks south of Townsville on Alligator Creek in 1879. It was short lived, but restarted in 1889 by the North Queensland Meat Export Company, initially for boiling down and preserving, and later utilising freezing equipment.

The creek's headwaters are in the Muntalunga Range (Mount Elliot) about 15 km south. It flows into Cleveland Bay, passing by the site of the former Alligator Creek railway station, and from about that point it forms the western boundary of the coastal part of Bowling Green Bay National Park (55,300 ha). Upstream in the Alligator Creek, in the Mount Elliot part of the National Park, there are pools and cascades. Despite the relatively low rainfall around Townsville, the Range catches enough moisture to support a tropical rainforest.

Alligator Creek's built-up area is on the railway line and the Bruce Highway. It has a bowls club and a roadhouse/service station. The nearest school is at Stuart. Residents of Alligator Creek and nearby Julago were connected to Townsville town water in 2006.

Alligator Creek's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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