Allora Shire, north-east of Warwick and some 125 km west of central Brisbane, began as a borough in 1870. In 1915 the Allora borough expanded to become a shire by absorbing part of neighbouring Clifton Shire. The Shire's most populated part was in its west, along the southern railway through Allora to Warwick. The easterly parts were hilly, rising increasingly to the dividing range and Cunningham's Gap. The Allora township held 40-48% of the Shire's population during most of its existence. The other significant population centre was Goomburra, named after the Goomburra pastoral run (1840). Situated 15 km by road east of Allora, the village is marked by an Anglican church and hall.

Allora Shire was described in 1946 in the Australian Blue Book:

In 1994 Allora Shire was amalgamated with Glengallan and Rosenthal Shires and Warwick City to form Warwick Shire. Its census populations were:

Census Date Population
1921 2480
1954 2106
1981 1679
1991 2132

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