Amamoor is a rural locality in the Mary River valley, 17 km south of Gympie. It was named after a pastoral leasehold taken up in the 1850s. Amamoor scarcely registered as a locality until the opening of the Mary Valley railway in 1914, from Gympie to Brooloo. Amamoor was the third station, between Dagun and Kandanga.

A primary school opened in 1921. In 1924 the post office directory recorded 15 farmer/selectors, 10 dairy farmers, 9 fruit growers, 5 timbergetter/teamsters, a sawmiller and a storekeeper at Amamoor. Banana growing succumbed to rust thrip disease, and pineapples took over. By 1949 the number of fruitgrowers had quadrupled, and the pineapple industry prolonged the life of the railway. The Amamoor State Forest also supplied regular consignments of timber to be railed to Gympie. After closure in 1996, the railway station at Amamoor was kept as a rail-tourist stop.

Amamoor has a post office and store, a community hall (1921), and a primary school. It hosts the annual National Country Music Muster in the Amamoor Creek State Forest Park. At the 2011 census, horticulture (fruit and tree nut growing) and agriculture (sheep, beef cattle and grain farming) accounted for 15.7% of employment in Amamoor. Feral pigs have threatened some macadamia nut crops.

The old timber bridge over Amamoor Creek was damaged in the 2012 and 2013 floods and was replaced by a new two-lane concrete structure in 2014.

The locality's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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