Annandale, a residential suburb, is 6 km south-west of central Townsville and on the south bank of the Ross River. It is a dormitory suburb for James Cook University, and the Lavarack Barracks which it adjoins. Annandale is also well positioned for access to central Townville with river-bridge crossings at its eastern and western extremities. The name was first used for a residential estate in 1974, and it is thought that the name had applied to Annandale Paddocks in the late nineteenth century.

A suburb of the 1970s-90s, Annandale's first school was the independent Annandale Christian School (1982), followed by a State high in 1991. By then the socio-economic level was improving and the Southern Cross Catholic primary school and the junior campus of Townsville Grammar opened in the late 1990s. They coincided with a State primary school (1998). There are two shopping centres, but neither offers a full range of outlets appropriate for the size of the population. Parklands are generously provided; linear ones along several water courses, a botanic garden in the west and a large sports complex in the east.

Housing is at the higher-priced end of the market, mainly low-set single and two storeys. The median weekly income per resident in 2001 was $578, $180 more than the median for all of Townsville. By the 2011 census the median weekly income had risen to $724, higher than the Queensland median of $587.

The Palmetum (1988) botanic gardens are in University Road, Annandale, and feature over 300 species of palms throughout the 17 hectare site. The gardens contain the Licuala Walk and Tokuyama Garden (1996) initially funded by Townsville’s Japanese sister city Tokuyama, the Blackhawk Memorial (1997) and Tumbetin Lodge (1934). The Lodge was originally in Railway Estate where it was built for the Roman Catholic Church and, until 1975, used as the St Francis Xavier School. In 1993 the Australian silky oak building was relocated to the Palmetum. 

Annandale's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

These figures include people in Lavarack Barracks.



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