Arana Hills, a residential suburb in the Pine Rivers district, is 13 km north-west of central Brisbane. Its southern boundary is Kedron Brook, and its northern boundary is the Bunyaville Forest. Cabbage Tree Creek flows eastwards through the suburb, as well as the adjoining suburbs of Ferny Hills and Everton Hills. The three suburbs are collectively known as Pine Rivers' hills district.

Until the 1950s the hills district was forest and small farms, with farming concentrated along Cabbage Tree Creek. In 1956 the shire's first residential estate was started in Arana Hills by Willmore and Randell. Marketed as Camden Park, the estate offered unsewered cheap blocks to new families. The locality was re-named Arana Hills in 1962, 'arana' being an expression of welcome.

In 1976 the Pine Rivers shire opened a branch library on the edge of the Willmore estate, west of a small reserve still named Camden Park. A drive-in shopping centre, Arana Hills Kmart Plaza, was opened the following year. In addition to Kmart it has a supermarket and 25 other shops. There is a neighbourhood shopping centre on the other (north) side of Cabbage Tree Creek. The Creek has a linear park, bike path and recreation facilities. In the extreme south of Arana Hills there is the Keperra golf course, situated on both sides of Kedron Brook.

Education facilities are in adjoining suburbs, apart from the Pine Community School (1983).

Severe storms in 2008 caused widespread damage to houses in Arana Hills.

Arana Hills census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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