Bohle Plains is an outer south-western residential suburb of Townsville, 10 km from the city centre. It is west of the Bohle River and north of Hervey Range Road. Formally named in 1991, 'Bohle' was the name of a cattle drover in the Townsville region in the 1860s. Both a parish and the river were named after Henry Bohle. The river rises about 25 km from the coast and flows north into Halifax Bay.

There is also a locality known as Bohle and a school named Bohlevale. They are west of Garbutt and in Deerangun respectively, well to the north of Bohle Plains. (The name of the school came about from the owner of Bohlevale homestead, the Burdell family gifting land for the school in 1912.)

A 5000 hectare parcel of State land known as Bohle Plains was identifed as the site of a new national park in 2009 due to significant conservation and scenic values. Bohle Plains was also identified as the site for a 250 hectare residential development, and the State government discussed the possibility of making land at Bohle available for a multi-use recreational centre, including a motor sport facility and a new cemetery.

Bohle Plains' census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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