Branyan is a rural/residential district on the Bundaberg-Childers Road, 7 km south-west of central Bundaberg. It is also on the Burnett River, and has flat to undulating landscape. Before municipal amalgamations in 2008 it was in Bundaberg City and Burnett Shire. Branyan was named after a pre-1880 sugar mill on the south side of the Burnett River near the Sharon Gorge.

The Branyan Road State primary school, located in the north of the district near Bundaberg, was opened in 1905. During World War II there was an American air training base set among farmlands. Sugar cane was the main farm crop: the 1949 post office directory recorded 16 cane farmers, 2 poultry farms, a dairy farmer and a market garden. Later there were extensive pineapple farms supplying the Golden Circle cannery in Brisbane.

During the 1990s Branyan was the site of several rural/residential estates. The Kentucky Blue Grass estate acknowledges the wartime American connection.

In late December 2010 the Burnett River rose to a level of 7.92 metres, and land around the McCoys Creek tributary was extensively flooded. Further upstream there was widespread flooding in the vicinity of the Sandy Hook Ski Club.

Branyan's census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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