Bray Park, a residential suburb in the Pine Rivers district, is immediately north of Strathpine and 20 km north-west of central Brisbane.

Until 1970 the undeveloped suburb was known as Strathpine West, but planned housing developments led to the need for a new name. John Bray, shire council chair 1950-73, had overseen much of the shire's postwar urbanisation and the name Bray Park was gazetted in 1970. Adoption of the name over the five years was uneven, a 1975 Gregory's directory describing the suburb as part of Lawton. By then, however, Strathpine West primary school (1973) had been renamed Bray Park. Bray Park railway station was opened in 1986 and the high school the next year.

Bray Park also has two other schools: Holy Spirit Catholic primary (1977) and Genesis Christian College (1991). Recreation spaces include a linear park along the suburbs southern boundary (Four Mile Creek), mostly named John Bray Park and the Les Hughes sporting complex on the northern boundary with netball, baseball and rugby facilities; Hughes was shire chair during 1973-82. There is a shopping area in Gympie Road and the Kensington Village drive-in shopping centre is at the southern boundary of Bray Park.

Bray Park's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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