Brendale, an industrial suburb in the Pine Rivers district, is 17 km north-west of central Brisbane. The southern boundary is the South Pine River, and the Strathpine railway station is on its eastern boundary. Brendale was named in 1980 after a horse stud owned by a land developer.

In about 1870 Thomas and Samuel Coe settled on the South Pine flats (present day Brendale). There were several seasonal water courses and the flats were good dairy country. A provisional school was opened in 1873, going by the name of South Pine, which was adopted as the place name until the 1980s. It was the second school in the Pine Rivers local government division (later, the shire).

The open farm country was used for an airstrip during the war.

As well as river flats South Pine had clay deposits. In 1961 PGH Brickworks opened a large manufacturing plant in Kremzow Road. The year before cablemakers opened a large factory. South Pine was on the way to becoming the shire's industrial precinct, and by 2005 hosted 900 businesses which provided over 22% of the employment in the Pine Rivers shire. Not all of the good river flats went under industry. In the south-west of Brendale there are two golf courses, a golf driving range and the South Pine Sporting Complex. Tiny Brendale Park adjoins a housing estate, occupying a smaller area than the nearby South Pine power stations.

In Kremzow Road there is the Brendale Farmers Market shopping centre. Near the Strathpine railway station there is a drive-in shopping centre with several bulky goods outlets and a supermarket.

Some Brendale residents potentially received a higher than recommended dosage of flouride in their water for a few hours in 2009.

Brendale's census populations have been:

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