Buccan is a rural/residential suburb immediately south of Waterford and east of the Logan River. Formerly in Beaudesert Shire, it has been in Logan City since 2008. The origin of the name is apparently unrecorded, but Buccan was a stopping place or station on the railway from Bethania Junction to Beaudesert (1885-1996).

In the 1880s there was a considerable acreage of sugar cane plantations along the Logan River, and one of the largest was on the land now reserved as Newstead Park on a river bend on Buccan's western boundary. Later there were farm selections, several going in for dairying (Dairy Creek Road is Buccan's northern boundary). Dairy Creek runs north-west through Buccan, beginning in the Buccan conservation park.

Buccan's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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