Calamvale, a residential suburb, is 17 km south of central Brisbane. It was named after the Calam family whose homestead site is now occupied by the Calamvale Hotel. In the early 1970s James Calam was the district's oldest European resident, and his son was active in forming a local progress association and having a hall built.

In the mid-1960s Calamvale was an outlying part of Acacia Ridge, but the name had caught on with the hall, a bush fire brigade and a service station. Calamvale primary school was opened in 1955.

In 1970 a new housing estate, Ridgewood, was proposed in the area between the interstate railway line and Beaudesert Road. Ridgewood's area encompassed two future suburbs, Algester and Calamvale, which were formally approved in 1975.

Calamvale is bisected by Beaudesert Road. The eastern part was substantially developed by 2005, but the western part had considerable unsubdivided space. It includes the Calamvale Community College (formerly the primary school), which adjoins the Calamvale marketplace shops, just over the southern boundary. Calamvale Village shops are in Kameruka Street, north-east of the school. Sunnybank Hills shopping centre is just over the suburb's northern boundary from the Calamvale Hotel. A second shopping centre, Calamvale Central, opened in the hotel's precinct in 2007.

Calamvale has a relatively youthful population, the median age being 31 years (2011 census) compared with 37 years for Australia. Calamvale's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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