Camp Mountain is a rural/residential suburb in the former Pine Rivers Shire, immediately west of Ferny Hills, 16 km north-west of central Brisbane. Its name possibly arose from a mountain camp for gold mining along Cedar Creek in the 1860s.

The district was taken up for farming towards the end of the nineteenth century, and a primary school (No. 1658) opened in 1929 but closed again at the end of 1933. The railway from Enoggera to Dayboro had a station at Camp Mountain (1918), from where dairy produce and crops could be taken to Brisbane. Banana growing was widespread in the 1920s until stopped by bunchy-top disease. The railway also carried picnickers and excursionists to the hills. In 1947 a speeding train, hired for an excursion, crashed at Camp Mountain, killing 16 people.

Farming changed to dairying. The post office directory (1949) recorded 13 dairy farmers, 5 fruit growers and one other farmer.

Since the 1980s Camp Mountain has attracted residents to rural/residential acreages. There is a remnant of the pioneering days at 20 Upper Camp Mountain Road, a selector's slab hut (c1870) built by George Atthow. It is listed on the Queensland heritage register.

Camp Mountain's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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