Carina Heights is a residential suburb 8 km south-east of central Brisbane. It was formed in 1975 by severance from Carina. The origin of its name is explained in the entry on Carina.

Carina Heights' southern part includes White's Hill Reserve, a ridge running west from Pine Mountain (105m) to White's Hill in the neighbouring suburb of Camp Hill. The tram terminus in Old Cleveland Road was at the extreme north-west corner of present day Carina Heights, and house subdivisions spread south and east from there in the 1960s. By the mid-1960s there were a Methodist church in Anzac Road, a Catholic church and school at the Corner of Winstanley Street and Creek Road, and a post office and shops east of the school. The southern-most part of Carina Heights was subdivided for housing in the 1980s.

Once part of the rural Belmont shire, Carina Heights has the Belmont private psychiatric hospital near the corner of Creek and Old Cleveland Roads. The hospital is on a rise known once as Carina Heights. On the east side of Creek Road there is the Carindale drive-in shopping centre. Also just outside Carina Heights there is the Carina shopping strip in Old Cleveland Road. A small local shopping area is in Winstanley Street, the middle of Carina Heights. South of the hospital where there was the Catholic church and school there is now a townhouse estate.

The census populations of Carina Heights have been:

census datepopulation

Townhouses, flats and semi-detached dwellings were 37% of the total housing stock at the 2011 census.

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