Carole Park is an outer residential and industrial suburb of Brisbane, 19 km south-west of the CBD. It was named after the daughter of an early landholding family, the Blacksells.

Carole Park was originally in Moreton Shire; both the shire boundary and the suburb's boundary ran along Waterford Road and a southerly prolongation of Clendon Street. The construction of the Logan Motorway provided the alignment for a new boundary between Moreton Shire (Ipswich City) and Brisbane, and separated the residential section of Carole Park from the industrial - the former was within the Brisbane City Council local government area, the latter within Ipswich. In June 2010 the residential section was given a Brisbane postcode and officially became part of Brisbane.

When Carole Park was a rural settlement a State primary school (1904) was opened. The school lies immediately north of Carole Park, in Waterford Road, Wacol. Diagonally opposite the school, Ipswich Water built a wastewater treatment plant in three stages (1971, 1979, 1995). Water is discharged to the Brisbane River or used on local golf courses. In 2006 the plant reached its treatment capacity.

Carole Park's housing development began in the early 1970s, with residents finding employment in the Carole Park industrial estate and nearby Ellen Grove and Wacol. The area has, however, witnessed a degree of disadvantage; unemployment for the combined areas of Wacol and Carole Park was 24.3% for residents 15-24 years in 2001; the figure for metropolitan Brisbane was 14%.

Carole Park has local shops opposite the school, a community hall in a memorial park, and the largest Visy box manufacturing plant in Australia.

Fire broke out at Viscount Plastics at the Carole Park industrial estate in 2013. The fire was so intense thick black smoke could be seen from 20 km away.

Its census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation
2011no figure recorded*
* Population figures were incorporated with Ellen Grove

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