Cashmere is mostly a rural/residential suburb in the former Pine Rivers Shire, 25 km north-west of central Brisbane. It adjoins the suburbs of Eatons Hill and Warner, and there is a built-up part on its eastern boundary with Warner.

Cashmere is named after a European settler (1859) James Cash, who had land on the South Pine River at Eatons Hill and Albany Creek. Cash's Crossing is a ford on South Pine Road at the river crossing. Cashmere was formally named in 1979, and 'mere' is Old English for a lake or a pond. Cashmere's northern border overlooks Lake Samsonvale (1976).

Most of the land on Lake Samsonvale's border with Cashmere is state forest. The settled part near Warner has rural/residential acreages and the One Mile Creek linear park.

A large bushfire threatened homes and properties on Old School Road, Winn Road and Clear Mountain Road in 2014.

Cashmere's census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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