Centenary Heights, a residential suburb, is 4 km south-east of central Toowoomba. A postwar suburb, its naming coincided with Queensland's centenary year, 1959, which commemorated separation from New South Wales. Centenary Heights is positioned between the older suburbs of South Toowoomba and the once rural settlement (and separate shire) of Middle Ridge.

An early institution in Centenary Heights was the Catholic St Thomas More primary school, opened in 1961. Within a few years the growing southern suburbs' population required a third state secondary school in Toowoomba, and Centenary Heights High school (1966) was opened right on the border with South Toowoomba. Six years later another primary school was opened, on the border with Middle Ridge, and in 1977 the independent Martin Luther P-7 school was opened. Local shops were built along South Street, adjoining the high school. By the late 1980s most of Centenary Heights had reached its present layout and form.

Centenary Heights' census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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