Condon is a residential suburb in Thuringowa City, 13 km south-west of central Townsville. It was named in 1968 after an early farming family, and is the northern-most of three suburbs lined along the Upper Ross River's western bank.

Condon has the second of two high schools in the former Thuringowa City, originally named Condon (1987) but renamed Thuringowa State High. A private school, the Shalom Christian College (1992) is located in Hervey Range Road, near the Range drive-in cinema (1975-2000). The site of the drive-in was taken for residential development. Shopping facilities are near the high school and within a few kilometres of Condon at Willows Shoppingtown in neighbouring Kirwan. In the extreme north-east of Condon, near Kirwan, there is the Pioneer Park which hosts several sports facilities.

The census population in Condon have been:

census datepopulation

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