Coral Cove is a coastal town between Innes Park and Elliott Heads, 15 km east of Bundaberg.

In about 1993 a Bundaberg-based development company launched the Coral Cove residential and country-club estate. It is laid out around Barolin Rocks, which face the Woongarra marine park. ('Barolin' was a property owned by the Innes family who donated beachfront land for Innes Park). 

Coral Cove, an area of 249 ha, had a projected town of 771 home sites, revised to 670 over 15 years by Austcorp in 2014. Its 1.2 km of coast is rocky, with a diving area, the Barolin Rocks Dive Site, to a fringing reef. The International Golf and Country Club has two to four bedroom rental villas, swimming pools and tennis courts.

Coral Cove's northern boundary is Palmer Creek which runs to one of Innes Park's two beaches. Another golf course adjoins the creek.

Coral Cove's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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