Crestmead is a residential and industrial suburb of Logan City, 5 km south of Logan central and 25 km south of central Brisbane.

Originally part of Marsden (now the suburb immediately north), Crestmead emerged as a name when the State primary school was opened in 1984. Marsden was partly in Albert Shire and partly in Beaudesert Shire (the boundary then being Browns Plains Road), until the shires were rearranged and Logan City was formed in 1978. The suburb of Crestmead was formally gazetted in 1987.

An industrial estate, still known as Marsden, was developed in the 1970s-1980s. It is in the western third of Crestmead. The residential balance of the suburb contains a Catholic primary school and college (1988), a large parkland extending along a tributary of the Logan River, a community centre and neighbourhood shopping centres in the north, east and south. Crestmead Park, east of the centre of Crestmead has a community centre and the Park Ridge pony club.

There is a Dairy Farmers milk factory in the industrial estate which was expanded in 2010 when the Booval site at Ipswich closed.

The census populations of Marsden-Crestmead have been:

 areaCensus DatePopulation

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