Currumbin Waters is a residential suburb on the Gold Coast, immediately west of the Pacific Highway, Currumbin. It is both sides of the Currumbin Creek and runs south to the New South Wales border.

In the early 1980s a canal estate named Marlin Waters was formed on the east side of Currumbin Creek and a conventional residential estate was laid out on the other side. A Catholic primary school was opened in 1987. Further housing was built east of Marlin Waters, and the areas had a population of 4000 by 1986.

Currumbin Waters has become a large dormitory suburb, shading into rural/residential housing upstream towards Currumbin Valley. Shopping is limited to a few local stores, and more comprehensive retailing is found across Currumbin Creek at The Pines in Elanora. State schools are also found in Currumbin, Palm Beach and Elanora. Industrial areas and shops are located along Currumbin Creek Road, and there is a small Currumbin Fair drive-in shopping centre.

An application to build a mosque in Currumbin Waters was rejected by the Gold Coast Council in October 2014 after it received 3500 community objections.

Currumbin Waters' census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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