Dinmore, a small suburb on the Brisbane to Ipswich railway, is 8 km north-east of central Ipswich. The name probably came from Dinmore Hill, Hertfordshire, England or was derived from the Welsh word for a large hill 'Dinmawr'.

There were several large collieries and pottery works in and beyond the present suburb which, during their lives, were described as being in Dinmore. An early coal mine, the Old Aberdare (1870) west of Six Mile Creek, was opened by Lewis Thomas of nearby Blackstone. The New Chum colliery, begun in 1882, was assisted by a spur railway line south from Dinmore railway station. In the 1880s the Dinmore potteries were opened, by when there was a surveyed township and a Baptist church. The railway station was named Dinmore in 1884, a post office was opened the next year and a primary school was opened in 1891. Numerous additional coal mines, brickworks and potteries came into production, and the post office directory in 1949 recorded the Belmont, New Aberdare, Rhonnda, Rylance and Whitwood collieries in the district defined as Dinmore, along with the Dinmore, Hudson and Rylance pottery/brickworks.

The closure of most of the extractive industries was followed by the severance of new suburbs from Dinmore: Riverview, formerly Moggil Ferry, to the east and New Chum to the south. The Ipswich Historical Society's heritage centre is in Redbank Plains Road, New Chum. In Dinmore itself, there is an industrial area adjoining Aberdare Street and Pottery Road. The old Dinmore Baptist church (1895) has been rebuilt as a church and community centre for the local Murri population. There is also a Samoan church in the Dinmore Scout Hall. Dinmore State school closed in 2009.

The export plant at Dinmore run by JBS is Australia's largest meat processing facility. Upgraded in 1999, the processing plant is the largest beef plant in the southern hemisphere with a daily production of 3350 head per day and an onsite staff base of approximately 2000 people.

Dinmore's census populations have been:

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