Doolandella, a suburb that is mainly rural/residential and bushland, is 17 km south-west of central Brisbane. It lies between the 1990s suburb, Forest Lake (on the west) and Blunder Creek. Originally part of Inala, to its north, Doolandella was gazetted as a place name and the name is thought to be derived from an Aboriginal expression describing the Geebung tree and its fruit.

The Serviceton South primary school (1963) on Inala's southern border, protrudes into Doolandella, but the postal boundary is drawn around the school putting it in Inala. Housing surrounds the school and spreads southwards into Doolandella. There is a linear park along a tributary of the Blunder Creek.

In the east there are wetlands and sand extraction along Blunder Creek.

Several homes in Brookside Street came under threat from a large bushfire in semi-rural Doolandella in 2012.

Doolandella's census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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