Durack is an outer residential suburb of Brisbane, 15 km south-west of the CBD.

Before its urbanisation, Durack was known as Oxley South, Serviceton (1946) and Inala (1953) (Durack State primary school (1959) was named Serviceton when opened). In 1976, when housing in Inala extended eastward across Serviceton Avenue, local residents voted for the new area to be named Durack, in memory of the Durack family's Archerfield pastoral station (1882) which included the Blunder Creek plain and Inala districts.

Most housing in Durack is west of Blunder Road, apart from the Forest Place retirement village (1985). The less developed eastern part contains a bowling club, caravan park and a dog showground run by the Canine Control Council. There is a linear park along a tributary of the Blunder Creek.

Durack's residents enjoyed higher average incomes than their Inala neighbours, but still well below the average for metropolitan Brisbane. Shopping facilities are at Inala town centre or Acacia Ridge. The local high school, Glenala, was opened in 1996, and there is a Catholic primary school in Inala. The Brisbane Muslim School (P-12) east of Blunder Road was opened in 2002.

Durack's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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