Eagleby, a residential suburb, is immediately east of Beenleigh, and like that town is bordered by the Logan and Albert Rivers. It is 32 km south-east of central Brisbane. The name apparently arose from a response by an Aborigine to a question by an early settler about an eagle on a nest: the response was a mixture of European and Aboriginal languages.

Eagleby was a sugar-growing area and had one of the many sugar mills in the Logan/Albert Shire district. When its mill closed in 1943 it was the second last in operation, leaving only the Rocky Point mill at Pimpama.

The Eagleby suburb was surveyed in 1971, 106 years after the Zornig family settled there. They were part of the German immigration to the Logan district, beginning at Bethania and spreading to Beenleigh. The German community built a Lutheran church in Fryars Road and for some years Eagleby was known as Little Germany. Over half the farm community recorded in 1949 in the post office directory consisted of German-named families, and the same can be found on the headstones at the small cemetery in Herses Road. The larger Beenleigh cemetery (1872) is also in Eagleby.

When modern Eagleby began a grid of streets, all with the names of birds, was laid out south of the cemetery. Later subdivisions in the 1970s adjoined the Pacific Highway and the Albert River, where the Eagleby South primary school was opened in 1978. Diagonally opposite the school Eagleby Plaza (supermarket and 21 other shops) was opened in 1989. A swimming pool and a community centre are nearby. In the east of Eagleby, next to the Albert River, there is a reserve with sports ovals, a public hall and wetlands. In the extreme south of Eagleby in a loop of the Albert River there is the Beenleigh rum distillery (1884), a reminder of the district's involvement in sugar production. Closed in 2003, the early buildings on the distillery site were put on the Queensland heritage register in 2004 and the business was acquired by Lion Nathan in 2007.

Among the several suburbs around Beenleigh, Eagleby is among the least well off.

The Eagleby primary school (1988) is positioned in the middle of the suburb, toward the northern edge of the built-up area.

Eagleby's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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