Eastern Heights, a residential suburb, is 2 km east of central Ipswich. As the name suggests, Eastern Heights was chosen by well-off Ipswich inhabitants, and several grand residences on large sites were evident by the end of the 1800s. The name first appeared on an official map in 1930.

Cintra Street, with views to the northern hills, has several notable houses, and Chermside and Whitehill Roads were sought-after addresses. Their outstanding buildings are 'Fairy Knoll' (37 Chermside Road) and 'Garowie' (59 Whitehill Road). Built in 1901 and 1888 respectively, the two-storey mansions are on heritage registers. 'Garowie' has a hilltop position on Limestone Ridge. Salisbury Road, immediately south of Limestone Park, has a row of early twentieth century houses on well landscaped blocks.

Eastern Heights has no school, but Ipswich Primary and Bremer High Schools adjoin its western and eastern boundaries. There are two churches, the Jim Donald Memorial Park and a service reservoir near Limestone Park.

Eastern Heights' census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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