Eatons Hill is a residential suburb in the Pine Rivers Shire, 17 km north-west of central Brisbane. Its southern boundary follows an arc of the South Pine River (at Bunya and Albany Creek) and the northern boundary is Eatons Crossing Road, also running in an arc and intersecting with the River at Eatons Crossing.

Eatons Hill sits on a rise between Eatons Hill State (primary) School and the local reservoir. The name is that of a local family: William Eaton farmed at Albany Creek (from 1874) and Albert Eaton was a Pine Rivers Shire councillor (1909-12).

Residential development began in the early 1970s near the hill, just west of Cash's Crossing where South Pine Road bridges the river, and the suburb was named and bounded by the Queensland Place Names Board in April 1972. The State primary school opened in 1998. There is a drive-in shopping centre nearby, and Albany Links Golf Course adjoins Eatons Hill's eastern border.

In the south of Eatons Hill, adjacent to a bend in the South Pine River, the Bunya Park Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1968. With an important koala population, it was a major tourist attraction. In 1993 the sanctuary was partly subdivided for rural/residential allotments and the balance was reserved as the Kumbartcho sanctuary and environment centre.

Residential development proceeded westward during the late 1990s and by 2008 nearly half the suburb was intensively subdivided. Eatons Hill had census populations of:

census datepopulation

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