Everton Park, a postwar residential suburb, is 9 km north-west of central Brisbane.

In the 1960s Everton Park extended west from Stafford to Old Northern Road and north from Kedron Brook to Hamilton Road. Since then the suburb has spread west to Queens Road where it adjoins Everton Hills, but the northern boundary has been truncated to create the later suburb of McDowall.

Thomas McDowall had a vineyard in the 1870s on his property, which he most likely named after the inner north-eastern district of Everton in Liverpool, England. His was one of the more pleasant rural industries that were established there, which included slaughter yards and fellmongeries. The Bunya railway timber reserve (1874) was to the north-west, keeping a sawmill in operation in Everton Park from 1886 to 1911. The earliest village in the area was Stafford, where there was a school. In the opposite direction was Enoggera primary school.

The railway line from Brisbane to Enoggera was opened in 1899 and extended further west to Gaythorne in 1916. An Everton Park postal receiving office was opened at the corner of South Pine Road and Gordon Parade in 1899, marking the place of the future neighbourhood shopping area. Residents could travel down South Pine Road, crossing Kedron Brook at McDowalls Bridge to catch the train at Enoggera.

A store was added to the post office in 1908, and as the population increased the range of postal services grew; the sale of postage stamps was approved in 1912. During 1910-30 the population grew from about 100 to 300, and a primary school was opened in 1934. Named Bunyaville, it was renamed Everton Park. The population was approaching 400 in the mid 1950s and there was a rapid increase in the 1960s-70s. Everton Park East (near Stafford Heights) was a recognised settled locality, along with Everton Park North in the direction of the Bunyaville forest park. The Everton Park drive-in neighbourhood shopping centre in Stafford Road, across from the former post office and store in South Pine Road, was opened in 1969. A district high school east of the shopping centre was opened in 1961. A wider range of shopping is available at Brookside, Mitchelton, 1.5 km to the west.

Until 2002 Everton Park's northern boundary was Flockton Road, but the boundary now runs behind Northside Christian College (1985), North West Private Hospital and North West shopping plaza, putting them in Everton Park. In 2013 the State government announced plans to close nine schools including Everton Park State High School, despite identification of Everton Park as a growth area.

Everton Park was fully settled by the mid-1970s, and since then there has been a gradual ageing of the community and growth of empty-nester households. At the 2011 census, of the families in Everton Park, 38.4% were couple families with children, 42.5% were couple families without children and 16.3% were one parent families. 

Everton Park has a hotel, five churches, a Luthern primary school and Teralba Park next to Kedron Brook. Its census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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