Fairney View is 20 km north-west of Ipswich, on the Brisbane Valley Highway. The nearest town to it is Fernvale (see separate entry). Glamorgan Vale is immediately west of Fairney View. Both are rural or rural/residential.

Fairney View was named after a pastoral property (1841), but the origin of Glamorgan Vale's name is apparently unrecorded. The Brisbane Valley railway (1884-1993) from Ipswich had a station at Fairney View.

Glamorgan Vale, however, seems to have been the more intensively developed locality. The post office directory in 1913 recorded 52 farmers there, along with a hotel, two stores and a blacksmith. Its primary school opened in 1875. Fairney View recorded 14 farmers, most with German surnames, and its school opened in 1896. The directory's descriptions of both places were little changed in the last published edition in 1949. Fairney View's school closed in 1976 and Glamorgan Vale's school is in Glamorgan Vale Road near the community hall.

Both localities have seen farms subdivided for acreages.

During the floods in 2011, flood waters in Glemorgan Vale that filled the Black Snake Creek, relocated the local Fire Service's equipment shed to the other side of the main road; concrete slab and all.

Census populations have been:

census datepopulation
 Fairney ViewGlamorgan Vale

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