Fitzgibbon is a suburb shaped like an inverted triangle, 16.3 km north of central Brisbane. Its boundaries are the North Coast railway line (Carseldine), Bracken Ridge to the north and Cabbage Tree Creek to the east. The suburb was named in 1971 after Abraham Fitzgibbon, Chief Engineer and later Commissioner of the Queensland Railways (1863-64). Before being named, Fitzgibbon was part of Zillmere North.

Settlement has occurred on the eastern side of Fitzgibbon, adjoining Cabbage Tree Creek. On the northern boundary there is a large public reserve, including the Bob Brown sports area and a number of walking trails. In the south, near Carseldine railway station, there are retirement villages, a golf course and the Golden Downs relocatable homes park.

Schools and shopping areas are in Taigum and Carseldine, and regional shopping is further afield in Aspley.

Fitzgibbon's census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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