Flaxton is a rural/residential locality in the Blackall Range, between the villages of Mapleton and Montville. It is 10 km south of Nambour. The name possibly originated from Flaxton in England, 12 km north of York.

From its beginning Flaxton was a farming locality, relying on nearby villages for supplies and schooling. In 1902 the post office directory recorded seven farmers and selectors at Flaxton, together with a sawmill. By 1925 there were many more farms, all of them orchards. Bananas and citrus were the main crops, although these tended to be displaced by pineapples in the 1930s. There were a local fruit growers association and a fruit-packing shed (1931).

The hill-station Blackall Range drew tourists and holiday makers in the early 1900s, mostly to Flaxton's neighbouring villages, but in the postwar years Flaxton's natural attractions and uncluttered roadside had increasing appeal. There are now numerous craft outlets, the Flaxton Barn (antiques, gifts), accommodation places and a motel. Locals have a community hall. The Maleny Forest Reserve and the Kondalilla National Park are west of Flaxton's main road.

Flaxton's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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