Gailes is a residential suburb on the Ipswich motorway, immediately south of Wacol and 15 km east of central Ipswich.

An outlying area of Goodna, Gailes was the location for the Goodna racecourse and the Goodna golf course (1924). Before the golf club was established, there was a railway station (Brisbane-Ipswich line) and the area was known as Pullen Pullen Flats. The station was named Dingo Hill in 1919.

Neither name was well regarded, and golf-club interests suggested Gailes, inspired by the Western Gailes golf course in Scotland. The name was given to the station in 1925 and to the golf course ten years later.

The suburb comprised two parts: the golf course and part of Wacol north of the municipal boundary, in Brisbane; and the residential part south of the boundary, in Ipswich. In about 1986 the suburb was taken back to the municipal boundary, putting the Gailes golf club and railway station in Wacol and all of Gailes in Ipswich City.

In January 2011 water from the Brisbane River went across the golf course, the Ipswich Motorway and up the Woogaroo Creek flood plain to the south of Gailes.

Gailes' census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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