Gleneagle is a 'suburb' of Beaudesert, immediately to its north. It was named after a farm (1860s) established by the cotton-grower, William Walker, a partner of Robert Towns, the pioneer of Townsville. It is on the Mount Lindsay Highway (Beaudesert Road) and the Logan River.

Gleneagle was a stopping place or station on the Bethania to Beaudesert railway (1888-1996). Its primary school was opened in 1891, about one km north of the Catholic cemetery. The post office directory for 1913 recorded 19 farmers at Gleneagle, along with a post office. The 1949 directory recorded 48 farmers, several of them classified as dairy farmers.
Gleneagle has a recent housing estate, a purpose-built reception centre (1996) and local shops. There is a sports reserve near the school, which has about 170 pupils. On the other (west) side of the highway there is an abattoir, and the western two-thirds of Gleneagle is rural.
Gleneagle's census populations have been:
Census DatePopulation

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