Glenvale is a rural/residential locality generally six km south-west of central Toowoomba. Once entirely in Jondaryan Shire, part of Glenvale was within Toowoomba City, before municipal amalgamation in 2008.

Glenvale houses the Toowoomba Showgrounds, relocated from the central city area in the 1980s, to the former Jondaryan Shire. Facilities such as the Glenvale primary school (1882), the Glenvale Christian school (1997) and the adjacent Reformed Church of Toowoomba were in the former Toowoomba City. The north-east part of Glenvale, next to the old Toowoomba suburb of Newtown, was developed as the Garden City drive-in theatre in the 1960s, until closure in the 1990s. The area was subsequently subdivided for housing, but football grounds and reserves further west in the Glenvale Park area remain undisturbed. A short way beyond the primary school there are Darling Downs Christian School (1942) and Glenvale Christian School (1997).

Glenvale's census populations have been:

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