Gordon Park, a residential suburb is 6 km north of central Brisbane. It is U-shaped, bordered on its south and east by Kedron Brook.

In 1890 the Gordon Park housing estate was put up for sale, the name being inspired by the exploits and death of General Sir Charles Gordon (1833-85) at Khartoum, Sudan. Two of the estate's main thoroughfares were Gordon and Khartoum Streets, the latter having local shops and public facilities.

Although subdivided in the nineteenth century, Gordon Park was an interwar suburb. A Baptist church, beginning as a tent mission in 1926, was gradually established in Khartoum Street. By the postwar years Khartoum Street also had a progress association hall, the Gordon Park kindergarten and a few shops. There were Methodist and Catholic churches in Beaconsfield Terrace, the latter dating from pre war years.

In 1940 a branch tram service from Lutwyche Road was run along Bradshaw, Richmond and Stafford Roads to Gamelin Crescent. It was replaced by buses in 1969.

Gordon Park was reduced from a suburb to a locality during the 1980s-90s, but regained suburban status in the late 1990s. Of its three churches, the Baptist and St Carthages Catholic continue. For parks and recreation, Kedron Brook has linear parklands.

Gordon Park's census populations have been:

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