Griffin, a partly developed residential suburb in the former Pine Rivers shire, is 22 km north of central Brisbane. It is situated between the Bruce Highway and Hays Inlet, with the Freshwater Creek and North Pine River defining its north and south boundaries. It was named after Francis Griffin, the first European settler in the Pine Rivers district (1843) who acquired the Whiteside pastoral run (Whiteside is a locality about 10 km west of Griffin).

The eastern part of Griffin is wetland, extending partly up the mouth of the North Pine River. Beyond there the area was known as Petrie's Pocket (Tom Petrie being an early timber getter). In the 1890s Dohles boatyard, Breakfast Creek, took timber from the area, later establishing a sawmill. Dohles Rocks in a bend of the river marks the area of their activity.

Residential development began in the late 1990s, south-east of the intersection of Brays Road and the Bruce Highway. Near Dohles Rocks the shire council established the Osprey House Environmental Centre (1996). There are several boat facilities eastwards along the river bank, accessible from Dohles Rocks Road.

In 2013 the State government announced the building of a new primary school at Griffin as part of 10 new schools to be built in high-growth areas under a private-public partnership model, with the private companies responsible for maintaining the school for up to 30 years.

Griffin's census populations have been:

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