Gumdale, a rural/residential suburb, is 13km south-east of central Brisbane.

The area was originally known as Mossdale, after a grazing property. In the late 1880s subdivided lots on the 'Grassdale Estate' were put up for sale, that name apparently being inspired by the numerous native grass trees (Xanthorrhoea) in the district. Grass trees grow on relatively infertile soil, and Gumdale is a mixture of poor and good loamy soils.

The Grassdale primary school was opened in 1935. A post office followed in 1941, but because Grassdale was already a postal name in South Australia, a change to Gumdale was made by popular choice. The progress hall (late 1930s) was also renamed. Until the 1970s Gumdale extended west to Dairy Swamp Road (enclosing Grassdale golf course, opened in 1966) and included its northern and eastern neighbours Wakerley and Ransome.

Since the early 2000s Gumdale has become increasingly urbanised; the school had an enrolment of over 550 in 2006, although many pupils came from adjoining suburbs. There are also a store and a Christian Assembly church near the school, and across New Cleveland Road in Wakerley there are the Gumdale Catholic church and the Eastside Village shopping centre.

Gumdale's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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