Highland Park is a residential suburb in the Gold Coast hinterland, immediately south of Nerang. It was originally a Nerang housing estate, and the suburb was formally named in 2003.

In 1987, when the yet to be named estate was an outer area of Nerang, the William Duncan State primary school was opened. Duncan was a pioneer of the South Coast timber industry.

The Highland Park shopping centre is next to the school, and from there several linear parks radiate. Two of them lead to Natural Bushland Park and, in the opposite direction, to Garden Crest Manors residential resort. The resort, consisting of 307 detached houses, is gated and restricted to residents aged 50 years or more. In 2011 the housing profile of Highland Park consists of 83.5% detached houses and 14.6% semi-detached houses and units. Between Garden Crest Manors and the suburb's eastern boundary, the Pacific Highway, there is a Bunnings hardware store.

Highland Park's census populations have been:

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