Innes Park, a coastal town, is 15 km east of Bundaberg and midway between Bargara and Elliott Heads.

The Innes Park area was first part of the Barolin pastoral station (1863) where the Barolin House homestead was later built. In 1912 the property was acquired by Sidney Innes who in 1930 donated land to the Woongarra Shire for recreation purposes. By then there was a railway through Bargara, terminating at Pemburton about five km west of Barolin House, and seaside resorts were becoming increasingly popular. In the 1970s the developer of a housing estate, Coolanblue, donated another parcel of parkland. The emerging seaside town was named after the original donor. It has a golf course, local shops and beaches, but there is no primary school. The beach at the mouth of Palmers Creek is a safe area at low tide.

Coral Cove, with a golf course and country club, immediately adjoins Innes Park's southern boundary, Palmers Creek.

Innes Park's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

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