Jimboomba is a rural town with a satellite residential development. It is on the Mount Lindesay Highway and about midway between Browns Plains and Beaudesert. The name is believed to be derived from an Aboriginal expression possibly describing a booming sound or an edible grub. Jimboomba is part of Logan City, but until 2008 it was in Beaudesert Shire.

The Gimboomba pastoral run was first taken up in 1845. The town, with spelling Jimboomba, was settled on numerous creeks which run west into the Logan River, about two kilometres from the town's centre. The primary school was opened in 1890; two years after the railway from Bethania Junction to Beaudesert began operation. The railway put Jimboomba in touch with Logan and Brisbane markets, where livestock and dairy produce could be sold. Just a village, Jimboomba had a store, the Railway Hotel and a community of farmers and timber-getters.

During the early 1980s the town's population began to grow. A new shopping centre opened in 1985, growing in four stages to today's supermarket, Mitre 10 hardware and 37 shops. A smaller shopping centre, Jimboomba Junction, has 17 shops. The council library also hosts a shire administration branch. Playing fields and a golf course were laid out north of the town centre, and two private schools built. The Hills South Queensland International College (1992) is a P-12 school, and the Catholic Anglican, Uniting and Lutheran churches jointly opened Emmaus primary school in 2003. In contrast to the growth of new facilities, the railway line to Beaudesert closed in 1996, enjoying a short-lived revival hosting a weekend steam-locomotive tourist service between Logan Village and Beaudesert that collapsed in 2004. There is an industrial estate on Jimboomba's northern outskirts.

Across the Logan River and about eight km west of Jimboomba is the Flagstone housing estate, developed by the Motor Trades Association of Australia superannuation fund in the mid-1990s. Adjacent to the Brisbane to Sydney railway line, and part of Jimboomba, Flagstone has a State primary school (1998) and a secondary college (2002), and contributed to the quadrupling of Jimboomba's population from 1996-2001. It also has a small shopping centre. To the north of Flagstone runs Flagstone Creek, a tributary of the Logan.

Jimboomba's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

The State primary school's enrolments show a similar growth rate: 160 (1979), 614 (1989), 1059 (2007), 986 (2009), and 817 (2013) drawing on a hinterland catchment.

Immediately north of Jimboomba and extending to the Logan River there is the rural/residential locality of Stockleigh. Will Elworthy settled in the district in 1863 and Stockleigh was named after his birthplace in Devon, England.

When farmers turned to intensive dairying, milk and cream could be transported to the Kingston dairy factory via the Maclean Bridge over the Logan River immediately west of Stockleigh. The Stockleigh provisional primary school opened in 1873, and a succession of school buildings continued until 1935. Stockleigh has an environmental park and a small housing estate in the east, near Logan Village. Stockleigh's census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation

Jimboomba State School centenary 1890 - 1990, Jimboomba, Jimboomba State School Centenary Committee, 1990

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