Kippa-Ring, a residential suburb on the Redcliffe Peninsula, is 28 km north of central Brisbane. It is named after an Aboriginal bora ring near Klinger Road west. The ring was nearly destroyed in about 1950.

When the peninsula was subdivided into farm lots in the 1860s, most of Kippa-Ring came under the survey. It did not, however, participate in the second round of subdivisions in the 1880s when farm lots were cut up for speculative house lots along the coast. Apart from farmers, the other 'inhabitants' were at the Redcliffe cemetery reserve (1874) at the corner of Elizabeth Avenue (then the main north-south track) and Macdonnell Road. The prospect of a branch railway from Petrie during the 1880s-1910s did not excite any development, although it did draw speculative intentions to Redcliffe. The railway still appears as a dotted line on maps.

Kippa-Ring is a suburb of the 1960s-70s. The primary school near the cemetery was opened in 1960 and a second one near neighbouring Rothwell (Hercules Road Primary) opened in 1976. Drive-in shopping centres, adjacent to each other in Anzac Avenue, came at the same time: Kippa-Ring Village (supermarket and 60 other shops, 1974) and Peninsula Fair (discount department store, supermarket and 84 other shops, 1975).

Kippa-Ring's northern part was surveyed as a water reserve in the 1860s. That is now a large park with sports ovals and part of a canal estate. A more westerly wetland was cut up for farm lots and that has become the Nathan Road Wetlands Reserve and the Redcliffe Aerodrome. Between the canal estate and the wetlands the land was under development in the late 2000s. In 2008 this and the adjoining residential canal area in Scarborough were excised as a new suburb, Newport.

Kippa-Ring also has a campus of the Southern Cross Catholic College. With scope for more population, a more frequent bus service was provided along Anzac Avenue from Petrie, pending the possible branch railway connection.

Kippa-Ring's census populations have been:

census date population
1996* 11,965
2001* 12,782
2006 9361
2011 9929

* including Rothwell

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