Kuluin is a residential suburb immediately west of Maroochydore and north of Buderim. It is thought that the name derived from an Aboriginal word for 'black swan'.

Before being named as a suburb in 1991, Kuluin was shared between Maroochydore and Buderim. The postcode boundary ran through the grounds of the Kuluin primary school.

By the mid-1980s most of the streets around the primary school site were laid out, but not west of Main Road. The school opened in 1987. A shopping centre was opened in Tallow Wood Drive opposite the school, and both are flanked on the west by the Tallow Wood Environmental Park. There are three other parks: MacArthur Park in the east, adjoining the Sunshine Motorway; an unnamed park in the north; and the Maroochydore Soccer Club's venue in the west. There is another shopping centre near the soccer venue.

Further west, extending to Eudlo Creek, there is the industrial suburb of Kunda Park.

Kuluin and Kunda Parks's census populations have been:

census datepopulation
 KuluinKunda Park

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