Laidley is 45 km east of Toowoomba and south of the Warrego Highway. It is surrounded by numerous rural/residential localities that presently have (or have had) populations of 500 or more people. Starting from west of Laidley and travelling clockwise the localities are: Blenheim, Laidley Heights, Forest Hill, Glenore Grove, Lockyer Waters, Regency Downs, Kensington Grove, Brightview, Hatton Vale and Plainland. The linked localities have their own entries.

Laidley Heights is west of Laidley and south of Forest Hill. It was formally named in 1994.

Lockyer Waters is north of Glenore Grove and is on Lockyer Creek which was charted by Edmund Lockyer in 1826.

Regency Downs is immediately north of the Warrego Highway and east of Glenore Grove. It was formally named in 1994.

Kensington Grove is immediately north of Regency Downs and was formally named in 1994.

Brightview, originally known as Tarampa Flats, was probably named after a farm property. It had a State primary school (1906-62). Brightview is east of Kensington Grove and North of Hatton Vale.

Their census populations have been:

Census DatePopulation
 Laidley HeightsLockyer WatersRegency DownsKensington GroveBrightview
1911    131
1947    164
1961    158

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