Lindum, formerly a suburb and now a locality in Wynnum West and Lytton, is 12 km north-east of central Brisbane. It was named after an early house built in the neighbourhood by Englishman Edward Kelk on what is now Rodney Street.

A station on the Cleveland Railway line (1889), Lindum was situated well away from the urban settlements of the early twentieth century. A post office was opened in 1916. The post office directory of 1949 recorded a mixed business in Sibley Street, a Baptist church in Kianawah Road and a couple of dairy and poultry farmers. In the 1950s each side of Rodney Street still had furrows where pineapples were once farmed

A primary school was opened in 1954 and four years later the Catholic church chose a site next to the school for its Iona boys college (1200 students, 2004). In the mid-1960s Lindum extended from the Brisbane River to Wynnum Road, but with a built-up area confined to around the railway station. Most of it was merged with Wynnum West by the 1980s, apart from the industrial estate north of Sandy Camp Road which is in Lytton.

A small shopping centre near the railway station includes Lindum Fast Food and the Lindum Convenience store. Lindum's census populations were:

Census Date Population
1911 65
1921 54
1954 310

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