Logan Central, formerly part of Woodridge, was gazetted as a place name in 1986. It contains the Logan City council offices, library, community centre and art gallery. It is 21 km south-east of Brisbane.

Woodridge, with a railway station, was one of the first places in the district to come under concentrated housing. The State Housing Commission was active in the 1960s. Logan Shire (1979) moved into the Albert Shire branch office in Wembley Street and rebuilt on the site in 1980-81. East of the council offices there is the Logan Central and Logan City shopping centres (1978, 1981, each with a discount department store, a supermarket and 60-70 other shops). To the north there is a strip shopping centre in Station Road, beside the railway station. Opposite the council offices there are the Woodridge primary school (1924), Woodridge high school (1972) and Logan City Special School (1974). Behind the council offices there are the Logan Gardens.

When first defined Logan Central included only the council offices and Logan Gardens area. In 1998 it was enlarged, north to Defiance Road, east to Kingston Road, south to Ellen and Ashton Streets and west to the high school. Its census populations have been:

census datepopulation

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