Logan Reserve is a mostly rural locality between Park Ridge and Waterford, generally 27 km south of central Brisbane. It was named after the Logan Agricultural Reserve (1862), an area based around the Logan River extending from Chambers Flat to Eagleby. The Reserve was established for the provision of farms for emigrant families.

Farm blocks were selected along the fertile lands adjoining the Logan River, in the areas now occupied by Waterford, Tanah Merah, Loganholme and Bethania. An early 'central place' for the farm settlements was at the intersection of Logan Reserve Road and School Road, where there were a church (1864), a cemetery and a school (1868). Nothing in the shape of a town followed as, upon the bridging of the Logan River downstream, Waterford became the district's township and centre for local government.

In the 1890s German settlers had their Bethel church (1898) at Logan Reserve, and the cemetery became known as a Lutheran one. The church was demolished by a storm in 1936.

The northern-most part of Logan Reserve, next to Waterford West, has a residential estate. Elsewhere is rural, although there is a Seventh Day Adventist church in Logan Reserve past the primary school. Until 2008 Logan Reserve was divided between Logan City and Beaudesert Road along School Road. Logan Reserve is now entirely in Logan City.

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